Comic Conversations 106: READ. STARVE.

No time for formalities, GO READ STARVE. You have? Good, now back to regularly scheduled write up.
fettman, luro, and marvell2k return to talk all things comics for the week of August 12, 2015. Including but not limited to..

Comic Book News of: Comic Book Sales for the month of July, the Civil War trailer screened at Disney’s new convention; D23, the fall out from the Fantastic Four movie opening weekend, and we plug the latest On the Comic Couch article and radio shows Zero and One.

Lightning Round Reviews of: Walking Dead, A-Force, Battleworld, Korvac Saga, Star Trek/Green Lantern, Planet Hulk, All-Star Section Eight, Mercury Heat, and Batman.

Regular Reviews of: Last week’s We Stand on Guard 2, This week’s: Howard the Duck 5, Inhumans Attilan Rising 4, Secret Wars 2099 4, Master of Kung-Fu 4, Secret Wars 5, Starlord and Kitty Pryde 2, Lando 2, Descender 6, Providence 3, Injection 4 and Starve 3!!!

Our picks for Book of the Week, you’ll never guess what it was.

We preview Next Week’s Books: Lightning Round Reviews of Runaways and Justice League & Regular Reviews of: Archie, Astro City, Rat Queens, Wolf, 1872, Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies, Renew Your Vows, Captain Britian and the Mighty Defenders, House of M, Howard the Human, Kanan, Loki, Secret Wars Journals, Secret Love, Silk, Spider-Verse, Star Wars, Weird World, Book of Death, Ivar Timewalker, and Rai.

As always all this, and we link to a site that documents all the references in the current Alan Moore series “Providence” and so much more on a BRAND. NEW. EPISODE. of Comic Conversations Comic book podcast. IT’S AWESOME!!! READ STARVE.

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