Luro’s Issues

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Luro’s Issues is where I, lovable and outspoken member of the Comic Conversations team, speak an issue that either hasn’t come up on the podcast, or came up and I didn’t feel like steamrolling the other guys to monologue. So, we begin.

Why No DC Bro?

fettman famously was brought brought into comics by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, so a newish fan. Marvell2k, obvious by the name, was raised in a small hut on the exotic nation of Cuba by escaped Marvel staffers who fled during the Shooter era. He cannot read DC because of some odd indoctrination his parents performed on him between bouts of firearms training(For the eventual attack on Shooter).

For myself, the first comic I bought on my first solo trip to a comic shop was the pictured issue of Grant Morrison’s Justice League. I went on to read Waid’s Flash, Robinson’s Starman, Various Green Lantern writers, JSA and so on. I had previously been a giant fan of Keith Giffen and J. M. DeMatteis Justice League, which I had read from my brother’s collection.

Where some people might think the New 52 is what put me off, but this isn’t true. The New 52 failed to regrow my interest, but my sliding away began with Identity Crisis. Identity Crisis was a hugely successful mini that has since become incredibly hated by a portion of the comic fan base, and fondly remembered by another portion. The thrust of the story was Dr. Light, a goofy jobber villain, had raped Sue Dibny in the the past, so the Justice League basically decided to lobotomize him, explaining why he was always a horrible c list villain.

It was an incredibly off putting, mean spirited event. DC would continue to do this off and on. Cry For Justice, Wonder Woman murdering Max Lord and the death of Ted Kord(a one-two punch that saw me drop every dc comic on my pull list at the time), that horrific Superman story where he walked across america being a dick. Not to say DC didn’t do anything good after Identity Crisis of course, but it had introduced a mean streak.

I was excited for the new 52, I hadn’t read any of the books regularly when it came out and it was a fresh start. What did I get during this fresh start? A lot of the writers I was interested in reading working on Watchmen prequels instead of the biggest relaunch in comic history for one. A very good Animal Man and Swamp Thing comic. Some new things like Demon Knights and Frankenstein(both cancelled since, yay!), and even a return of Resurrection Man, a character I was sure only I remembered and loved. His book sucked incidentally, and was cancelled.

I also saw a Batman villain running around with the Joker’s cut off face nailed to his head, Princess Kori becoming a whore Starfire, Catwoman’s defining characteristic being her tits and her love of fucking Batman in issue one of her book, and the general high level of pointless violence. More recently, Future’s End (Another of DC’s “If we put out an issue a week we sell more derp!” plan) show’s that DC’s plan to success is extreme violence and impossible to like characters. The fun has been almost entirely sucked out of the entire company, replaced with 90s era Image violence and sex.

To be 100% fair, I often say I’m not reading much DC now, and if I guess Future’s End (where they killed off most of the interesting characters from the Wildstorm universe in the first issue, btw) isn’t indicative of what DC is doing overall, then maybe I should give them a shot. But whenever I read about DC books I am told that the books they don’t rely on being terrible to their readers are the exception and not the rule. And my dislike of Geoff Johns(whose first issue of Aquaman was entirely based around justifying the existence of a character who has been accepted just fine since Peter David wrote him 2 decades ago doesn’t help.

But a slow slide to douchebaggery and a first impression of same has pretty much kept me from checking out most DC books. Marvell and fettman aren’t offended by these things the way I am, they just see no reason to read any of the books.

Next Time!

I consider putting over Wildstorm, with as little bitching about how DC ruined it as possible. Though DC did ruin it.